Rollerblades (inline skates), protective pads and helmets are included. Tours are not recommended for young children. Any minors who take part must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

With our unique tours, you can enjoy the outdoors, take in sights around Sydney and get fit at the same time.
With our expert instructor alongside to guide you, a tour is also a fun way to improve your skating and you will see a side to Sydney beyond the usual footpaths. Skating is mostly confined to cycle pathways. (There will be sections where it will be necessary to skate on roads, but this will be kept to a minimum). To get the most out of a skate tour, your skating level should be a good 'Trainee' standard. If you're not sure or you want to build up your skill level to do a tour then you can always book a private lesson first. We are currently offering the Cooks River Tour outlined below and can also run tours from Botany Bay to Sydney Olympic Park and Sydney Harbour and Harbour Bridge (please contact us for further details on these tours).

Cooks River Tour - Marrickville to Botany Bay and back.  Time: around 2.5 hours with a stop.           

The Cooks River is the beautiful fresh water stream banked by fine meadows that Captain Cook described upon landing at Botany Bay. Starting from Steel Park in Marrickville, the tour meanders along the rejuvenated banks of the river, taking in diverse plant and wildlife nourished by salt marshes. Those who follow this path for the first time often say it is like a hidden oasis through the heavily built-up inner-Sydney suburbs. The area's diversity comes to life as we reach dense mangrove further along the route, and eventually the mouth of the river, and the sea. Our tour reaches Botany Bay, where we stop to take in the cafes, beaches and the planes landing at the nearby airport before commencing our return. The return leg takes us on the other side of the river, finishing back in Steel Park. From here, there is the option to visit one of the many excellent nearby cafes to satisfy a well-earned hunger and thirst.

Tour prices:  $50pp per tour (2 - 4 people)    $35pp for groups of 5 or more

YouSkate wants to get you out there on rollerblades. Do something that's cool, fun and will keep you fit. Be warned though – it's very addictive!