How long will it take to learn?

We all learn things at different rates, but in a 2 hour complete beginners lesson we would expect you to be able to push, roll, stop or at least slow down and turn. Learning more advanced skills will depend on how much practise you put in. Sports scientists believe it can take around 1000 repetitions of a movement to lock in a muscle memory and many more to make a new motor skill instinctive. That said, every time you're on skates, your balance will improve and you'll notice your improvement.

How old do I have to be?

We recommend five as a starting point, but younger kids may be OK, depending on their physical development. As to a maximum age limit – there really isn't one.

Will I fall over?

...everyone's fear. Fear can sap your strength by 30% and more. At some time we've all had that feeling when our legs turn to jelly. That's why it's important to learn safely and our program will give you the confidence to do so. Before you even get up on your skates, you will be taught how to fall forwards safely. If you maintain a good stance you probably won't fall anyway and, if you do, you'll find that the protective pads do work. But, as with any sport, nothing can be guaranteed so read our waiver first.

I don't have good balance, I'm really clumsy and uncoordinated ...

Most people's 'clumsiness' is self-diagnosed. What they probably should say is they lack confidence. It's amazing how a few basic pointers as to how we stand and where we place our feet can improve our ability and boost our confidence.

I don't have rollerblades...

YouSkate provides everything you need to skate.

I'd love to try but I've always found hire boots painful...

YouSkate has a huge selection of skate styles and sizes, so we're confident of finding a skate that's comfortable for you. If you use specialist foot-beds, feel free to bring them along.

What should I wear?

Normal clothes are fine. Just make sure your movement isn't restricted and you have room to get knee and elbow pads on. You may get hot so a T-shirt and shorts might be preferable, but always take the weather into account. Make sure your socks are of mid-calf length and good quality - sports socks should be fine.

What do I need to bring?

Sunnies, sunblock (we always have some if you forget), bottle of water and yourself!

Can I drop off the kids for their lesson and come back later?

Sorry, no. We ask all parents remain in attendance for the duration of the session

What if everyone else is really good?

Don't worry, YouSkate will teach you to your level. All group members will be able to learn at their own pace and shouldn't feel intimidated by the progression of others. We want to instil confidence – not take it away.

Can we learn with our kids?

We prefer to separate young kids and adults, but otherwise yes.

Is rollerblading good for you?

Absolutely. Doing anything active is good for you, but rollerblading will also improve your balance, agility and flexibility. It's also far less impactive than sports like running, and is much better for your lower joints.

Is rollerblading dangerous?

We believe that with good skill acquisition rollerblading is a safe fitness sport. Compare it to cycling – if you ride recklessly, beyond your ability level and don't pay attention to your surroundings, you greatly increase your chance of having an accident. The same applies to rollerblading, so skate smart - always wear your full protection, skate within your ability level and pay attention to where you're going and what you're skating on.

YouSkate wants to get you out there on rollerblades. Do something that's cool, fun and will keep you fit. Be warned though – it's very addictive!