Photos - Newbies 'Complete Beginners' Lesson

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Rollerblading Lessons

All lessons are available as private one-to-one instruction, or as private groups with a minimum of two.       Skates and protection are included in all lessons. The age groups for lessons are: 5 - 12, 13 - 18,  Adult.

How much?                                                                                                                                                       

Private (one-to-one): $75 per hour.                                                                                                                  

Group:  $75 plus $35 per hour per person.    

Which lesson should I have?                                                                                                                  

Choose from:                              

  • NEWBIES - Complete beginners  
  • TRAINEES  - Improvement for Beginners  
  • MOVERS - Intermediate skills 
  • ROLLERS - Advanced skills 
  • SKATE TO SKI - Technical improvement for skiers                                                                                                            

NEWBIES - Complete Beginners   (Two hour session)                                     

If you've never skated, or maybe you've tried rollerblading before and didn't get on that well , then this is the lesson for you. All beginner lessons start on grass, which is essential for gaining confidence as the wheels will not roll that much. You will learn how to prevent falling, fall safely, adopt a safe and balanced stance and practise basic movement. The progression moves onto a smooth tarmac or concrete surface where you will be introduced to the basics of rolling, stopping (with your heel brake) and turning. After the two-hour session, you should have a good grasp of the basic skills which you can take away and practise in your own time - highly recommended if you want to advance when learning any new skill!

TRAINEES  - Improvement for Beginners   (Minimum one hour)

A good foundation in the Newbie skills is required before taking this level. This lesson will improve your pushing technique so you can roll faster and more efficiently. You will also learn the cool 'swizzle' movement which is a fantastic exercise for upper leg muscle toning and isn't as hard as it looks.  We'll also show you how to slow down without your heel brake and get you feeling the parallel turn. This cool turn will take a bit of mastering but will really help you to become completely comfortable on your skates and take you to a new level.

MOVERS - Intermediate skills   (Minimum one hour)

Ever wondered how speed skaters appear to glide so effortlessly but still maintain a healthy speed? How do they cross their skates over going round bends? Don't worry, this level will show you how and you'll learn lots of other cool stuff too - like how to start skating backwards, and the super-cool powerslide.

ROLLERS - Advanced skills   (Minimum one hour)

Time to advance your skill set and become a complete skater. You'll need to have all the skills up to and including Movers really locked in. This lesson will be tailored to what you want to learn. Improve your backwards skating and learn different ways to transition from forward to backward, backward to forward; get comfortable with jumping; learn more cool tricks like the grapevine and barrel roll; become comfortable with street skating and learn to do hills with-and-without your heel brake; and try different slides - the hockey stop or parallel slide is one of the most difficult skills to master on skates and many great skaters shy away from it for fear of getting it wrong, but using a progression of skills that you've already learnt, we're confident you'll be able to add it to your skills set.

SKATE TO SKI   (Minimum one hour)

Want to become a better skier - improve your carving, short turns, bumps or off-piste skiing before you go to the snow? Peter's extensive Alpine experience can really make a difference. Not only will rollerblading improve your conditioning, but your technique too. There's an uncanny similarity in the dynamics of both sports, so try some of our 'drills on the hills' on skates and give your skiing, and skating, a new edge. A good-and-above intermediate standard is required for both skiing and skating in this lesson.

YouSkate wants to get you out there on rollerblades. Do something that's cool, fun and will keep you fit. Be warned though – it's very addictive!